Kolarctic Salmon 2011-2013

"Merging modern science with traditional knowledge to improve the future management of the Atlantic salmon in the Barents region"

Welcome to the project web site of the Kolarctic ENPI CBC project "Trilateral cooperation on our common resource; the Atlantic salmon in the Barents region (KO197)".

Scientists, managers and commercial fishermen from Northern Norway, Finland and north-west Russia, White Sea area combined their efforts in the Kolarctic salmon project (2011-2013), with the aim of providing a better knowledge-base for the countries management of the common Atlantic salmon stocks. Within this joint and unique effort bio-specimen were sampled along the North-Norwegian coast and in Russian Barents and White Seas generating the most comprehensive ecological and genetic datasets for Atlantic salmon. 

The web site is aimed at the people involved in this cooperation, managers, researchers, fishing organizations, salmon fishers, the general public and other stakeholders with interest in issues concerning the Atlantic salmon. All relevant information, i.e. manuals, reports and scientific results of the project cooperation, is collected and published here.


This action was funded by the European Union, Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme and national funding from the participating countries and partners, 2011-2013.

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