Scientific reports

Over 20 scientific reports are published under the project period.

In more detail, the project provided comprehensive information on the salmon rivers and populations in the area including genetic diversity which allowed for estimating the stock of origin for each sampled salmon from the sea. This in turn facilitated stock composition examination of mixed stock fishery catches as well as inference of spatial and temporal migratory patterns for the largest salmon stocks. Overall the results provide opportunities for developing knowledge-based adaptive management regimes for coastal salmon fisheries. In addition, the action facilitated a better understanding of the rich fishing traditions, coastal and Sami culture of the area and will hopefully contribute to preserve the highly important regional and local socio-economy with regards to salmon and salmon fisheries.

Report I - Results on coastal fishing in 2011

Report II - Results on coastal fishing in 2012

Report III - Summary on the coastal fishing in 2011-2012

The White Sea report

Genetic report - Genetic structure and assignments

Scientific article 1 - Methodology article on DNA-pooling

Scientific article 2 - Finding markers and genetic stock identification

Report  - Working paper on exploitation and migration models

Report IV - Converting SSB data into sea-age groups

Report V - Escaped salmon

Report VI - Prewious spawners

Report VII - Genetic origin of salmon

Report VIII - Long-term salmon catches in Troms and Finnmark

Report IX - Juvenile salmon growth

Report X - Long-term salmon catches in Finnmark

Report XI - Number of fishing gear

Report XII - Tana salmon and long-term temperature variations

Report XIII - Tana salmon and long-term juvenile growth

Report XIV - Multiresolution model and sea temperatures

Report XV - Temperature models and timing of catches

Report XVI - Salmon resource and management

Report XVII - Cumulative salmon catches and long-term changes in Finnmark

Report XVIII - Median date of capture affected by sea temperatures