Key findings fact sheet

New fact sheet published

The projects key findings are published in short facts sheets - in English, Russian and Norwegian. The Finnish and Northern Sami language versions will be published in spring 2016. 

Key findings

1 We found the salmons' homeriver

We created a unique gene map of the northern salmon stocks, with comprehensive information on the salmon rivers and the different salmon stocks in the area, including their genetic diversity. This allowed us to estimate the river and region of origin of each individual salmon caught at sea.


2 We mapped the salmons' migratory patters

We developed a stock-specific migratory model to describe the spatial and temporal migratory patterns for chosen salmon stocks in the Barents region. Outer coastal regions have a higher stock diversity and a lower percentage of local stocks than the inner fjord regions.


3 We identified salmon stocks exploited in Northern Norway

We gathered information and examined the stock composition of the mixed-stock fisheries catches in Northern Norway.


4 We estimated the proportions of farmed salmon in Norwegian coastal fishery

We found that escaped farmed salmon occurred in the coastal fishery catches of Northern Norway throughout the summer from early May to the end of September.


5 We reached a mutual understanding of our rich fishing traditions

The project facilitated a more active communication, dialogue and contact between the countries management, research, fisheries associations and local fishermen. Through mutual visits and meetings, we reached a better understanding of the rich fishing traditions, coastal and Sami culture of the area.