Vätsäri Wilderness Area
Øvre Pasvik National Park
Pasvik Zapovednik


Weather in Pasvik-Inari area - Svanvik (NO), Inari (FI), Rajakoski (RU) 

Gateway to Finlands geological information 

Geological Survey of Norway

Geological Institute, Murmansk Russia (in Russian)

Natural Resources Institute Finland - research institute 

Norwegian Environment Agency

BirdLife Finland (in Finnish)

BirdLife Norway (in Norwegian)

Russian Bird Concervation Union (in Russian)

International Wetlands - Ramsar Convention

WWF - Russia (in Russian)

Large Carnivores in Finland

Large carnivores in Norway (in Norwegian)



The Sámi Parliament in Finland

The Inari Sámi in Finland 
The Skolt Sámi in Finland

Reindeer Herders' Association - Finland

Sámi and the use of natural plants web site

The Norwegian Sámi Parliament

Pasvik river - web exhibition (in Norwegian)

Russian Institute of culture and nature heritage (in Russian)



Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland

Centre for Economical Development, Transport and the Environment 

Inari Municipality

Office of the Finnmark County Governor (in Norwegian)

Øvre Pasvik National Park Management Board (in Norwegian)

Sør-Varanger Municipality (in Norwegian)
Nibio Svanhovd  

State Nature Inspectorate, Kirkenes (in Norwegian)

Pasvik Zapovednik 
Pechenga Municipality (in Russian)
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Russian Federation

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Murmansk Region (in Russian)


Visit Pasvik-Inari

Inari - Saariselkä area 
Siida - Sámi Museum and the Northern Lapland Nature Centre
Hiking destinations and facilities in Finland
Sámiland Villages 
Recreational fishing and hunting in Finland 

Varanger Museums

Øvre Pasvik National Park Centre (in Norwegian)

Recreational fishing and hunting in Finnmark (NO) - FeFo (in Norwegian)

BIRK Husky


Øvre Pasvik Camping (in Norwegian)


Nordmo Gård

Tourism Portal of Murmansk Region 
Government of Murmansk region, Department of Economic Development (in Russian)