Bird ringing in Pasvik

Dvergspurv - Little Bunting

Dvergspurv - Little Bunting

Foto: Tormod Amundsen / Biotope

Welcome to bird ringing in Pasvik!

Ringing of birds is a way to learn more about the birds' migratory routes and population trends. This year, carried out in recent times, the first systematic ringing of birds that migrates through the Pasvik valley. The project has both scientific value, while also looking at new opportunities to develop Pasvik as a destination for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts.

Pasvik is together with Varanger Peninsula promoted as the world's top Arctic birding destination. The combination of tundra and taiga in a concentrated and easily accessible area helps to put the region on the world map.

Biotope is a company engaged in nature-based local development in eastern Finnmark, in cooperation with the Upper Pasvik National Park Board they invite you to an open day of bird ringing at the Nyrud Police Station. You are hereby invited to visit them and experience the birds at a close range and learn more about Pasviks rich nature and birdlife.


Opening hours

  • General public and local residents are welcome on Sunday August 23, starting at 07:00
  • School groups are welcome on Monday and Tuesday, 24 and 25 August from 07:00 and throughout the day.


Activity and program

A group of nine professional bird ringers from England will show and demonstrate the ringing in action. This group has, for the last three years, worked with a similar project in Nesseby. You can expect an interesting and thrilling bird experience close up.

Mr Rein Midteng an expert on Pasvik ecology and forest biotopes will also stop by and talk about Pasvik seen in a wider perspective (mainly from 12:00).

The ringing usually starts at 06:00, but we depend on dry weather conditions to implement, so changes in the time table may occur on short notice.  

You can also follow the ringing results on this blogspot:  


Welcome to a unique bird ringing experience in Pasvik!

Foto: Biotope og Øvre Pasvik nasjonalparkstyre