Borders separate - Nature unites!

Pasvik-Inari trilateral park films

Films about the Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park 

Three Norwegian nature protection areas (NPA), one Russian and one Finnish NPA form an internationally recognised transboundary park - Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park!

A short story and a longer documentary highlight the natural and cultural values of Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park, it tells about facts from the past and shows what is practically done on a long-term international cooperation for nature protection.


The short story "advertisement" can be viewed on the link - and

The longer documentary film (25 minutes) can be viewed on the link - 

Later in the autumn also the language versions: Russian, Norwegian, Finnish and Inari Sámi will be available on the web.

The films were produced in the Kolarctic ENPI CBC project ABCGheritage. Here you can read more about the project and its results.