Brown Bears are monitored



Foto: Leif Ollila / Bioforsk/ Pasvik-Inari

Brown Bears of Pasvik-Inari-Pechenga are jointly monitored

Partners of the Pasvik-Inari trilateral park have this summer implemented for the third time since 2007 the joint transboundary brown bear monitoring. Harmonised monitoring of the joint population of transboundary bears. 

Here you can read more about the method and earlier results

On the links below you can see brown bears visiting the non-invasive hair-traps of the study area.

Wild-life camera video 1

Wild-life camera video 2

Wild-life camera video 3

The project is implemented by NIBIO (former Bioforsk Svanhovd, NO), Pasvik Zapovednik (RU) and Metsähallitus (FI). With assistance in Norway from SNO (State Nature Inspectorate in Kirkenes).

The project is funded by the Office of the Finnmark County Governor, implementing partners and the North Calotte Environmental Council.