Experts meet

Experts on biotopes and nature types met in Svanvik, 19.-22.8.2014

Norwegian, Russian and Finnish experts and protected area managers met to a joint seminar, 19.-22.8.2014, in Svanvik Norway. With the aim of widening and deepening the co-operation in nature protection by connecting relevant persons  in Pasvik-Inari area and finding new co-operation fields in habitat and species protection.

The aim of the seminar is derived from Pasvik-Inari Trilateral Park Action Plan.

Seminar program

Seminar conclutions

Seminar work group presentations

Landscapes, habitats and flora

Habitat inventories in Finnish Lapland

Mire habitats

Plant protection in Finnish Lapland

Old-growth forests in Pasvik

Vätsäri forests

Virgin forests of Fennoscandia - Fennoscandian Horseshoe


Insect DNA barcoding

Entomological studies in Pasvik

Insect studies


Small mammals

Large predators

Monitoring mammalia future perspectives

Common publications future perspectives