Transboundary Brown bears

Joint trans-border monitoring give valuable information on common border crossing species!

This monitoring effort was performed as a nearly identical repetition of the hair trap studies in 2007 and 2011.  

In 2015, we detected 26 different brown bears by hair-trapping in a study area of 1400 km2 at the trans-border area of Pasvik, Norway (16 bears), Inari in Finland (5 bears) and Pechenga in Russia (9 bears). Seven (35%) individuals, detected in 2011, were recaptured in 2015. Four (16.7%) bears, detected in 2007, were recaptured in 2015. Two individuals were detected in two countries, and one individual were detected in grids in all three countries. A total of 13 new bears were identified in 2015 as compared to 4 in 2011.

Hair-trapping can lead to a substantial increase in the number of detected bears in the area. With the help of additional, opportunistic collected feces samples we detected 4 male and 1 female bears within the Russia part of the research area, which were not sampled by hair-trapping.


Report 2015 - Monitoring the Pasvik-Inari-Pechenga brown bear population

Her you can read more about the methodology - How to catch a hair from a bear

Her you can see the bears filmed by wild life cameras


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